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About Us

       John and I started life together 30 years ago and as a wedding present, we received 2 pregnant goats from a friend.  Sarah our daughter decided to enter 4 H with dairy goats and continued until she aged out.  John and I continued to supplied milk for a wildlife rescue.  10 years ago our grandsons Mason and Johnnie  entered 4 H and developed their own goat herds, Alpines and Nubians, respectfully.  After I retired from teaching, we developed our business of lotions, soap and fudge to help cover the cost of the goat grain and supplies.  Not only did we accomplish this but increased our love of goats and their products.  We continue my business today with the help of our grandson Johnnie, (Mason is off at college) and Lucius (our youngest grandson),  husband John and tester and sales person, Sarah.   With our customers support we continue to grow, and develop more products.  We hope that you enjoy our products as much as we do. 

We are always adding more products.  Let us know if you have one in mind and we will work on it.

All of our products are homemade with love, from the milking of our goats -  down through the selling of our products. We are eager to work with you to find your true love of scents by mixing fragrances and use of oils!  Let us serve you.